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Benefits of Conserving and Using Native Grasses (pdf 254kb)
(Multiple copies of this brochure are available for the cost of postage).


Native Grass Propagation

Native Grassy Habitats of the Mt Lofty Ranges (pdf 999kb)
(Produced by the Nature conservation Society with the support of NGRG) 

Understanding C3 and C4 native grass species (pdf 181kb)
(The terms ‘C3’ and ‘C4’ are explained.)

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Available to Order

Grass Information Sheets

Most of our information sheets are printed on high-quality A3 paper which is folded to make a 4-page, full colour publication.

These sheets (and multiple copies) are now available for the cost of postage.

Native Grasses for sustainable land management

The uses in grazing systems of six of the most noticeable native grasses are highlighted. Whole plants and seed heads are illustrated in full colour.

Landscaping: Which native grasses to grow. 2005

An outline of the form, features and management of 13 warm season and 9 cool season grasses for use in the rehabilitation of natural environments or in parks and gardens.

Weeping Rice Grass (Microlaena stipoides)

Topics covered are: characteristics and attributes, applications, propagation, seed collecting, site selection and management, establishment, and post-germination management.

Windmill Grass (Chloris truncata)

Topics covered as above.

Wallaby Grass (Austrodanthonia species)

Topics covered as above.

The following information sheets – Microlaena, Chloris, Austrodanthonia, and Native Grasses for sustainable land management – are available as a pack.


Grass Identification Manual – for Everyone Joan Gibbs and Rochelle Gibbs, Second edn., 2005 (112 pages, ring bound, full colour).This is a pictorial guide to recognition of native and exotic grasses in the Northern and Southern Lofty Botanical Regions of South Australia.


Stocks of this publication are now exhausted. A completely new edition is currently under preparation.
Remnant Native Grasslands in the Mount Lofty Ranges Michael Hyde and Murray Mathison, 2001. Illustrated with maps and photographs. Out of Print
Management of Native Grasses in the Urban Landscape E. Bennett, 2005. A 28-page guide to the choice, establishment and management of native grasses in the urban and peri-urban setting. $A10.00
Grasses of South Australia John Jessop, Gilbert R. M. Dashorst and Fiona James, 2006. Published by Wakefield Press Recommended retail price $A49.95

All prices include GST. Postage extra.

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