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Native Grass Resources Group     Native Grass Propagation

“Collecting and growing native grasses from seed has valuable environmental, educational and community benefits—and can be satisfying and fun. These propagation notes can help you grow your own tubestock—from seed collection to planting out.”

Seed Harvesting   140_4050

Briggs, A.     Harvesting Native Grasses

“If there is to be wide-scale acceptance of the use of native grasses in agricultural Australia, there are a number of critical obstacles, which must first be overcome. Of highest priority is the problem of seed supply. The harvesting of native grass seed has, until recently, been a slow and laborious task, usually resulting in small amounts of seed. Such efforts have been useful mostly on a small scale, and the cost of seed gathered in such ways restricting its use on a landscape scale.”

Cole, I. and Waters, C.      Harvesting and sowing native grasses

“Interest in sowing and harvesting native grasses is gaining momentum. A recognition of the benefits of using Australian native perennial grasses has spurred this interest. The adaption of the brush harvester technology to Australian native grasses has allowed seed from a wide range of species to be successfully collected. However, as most seed comes from natural stands yields are often low and weed contamination high. Considerable advances in seed yield and quality could be achieved if management packages for seed production could be developed for these natural stands.”

Field’s Native Nursery     ‘The Bush Tiger’ Grass Seed Harvester  

“The ‘The Bush Tiger’ Grass Seed Harvester is now 100% complete for purposes of collecting commercial quantities of native grass seed. Steve commenced the customised manufacture of the equipment in early July 2009. Watch it in action”                                      

Grass Grabber     ‘The Grass Grabber’ Grass Seed Harvester

“An innovative new native grass seed harvester for the professional revegetator, landcare group or serious farmer. Australian designed and built, lightweight fibreglass or roto-moulded plastic, BHP steel and reliable genuine Honda 4 stroke engine.

Unlike other harvesters, Grass Grabber is front mounted for safety. Trailing type harvesters require the operator to be constantly looking backwards and not where they are going.”

Stafford, J. L.     Native Grass Seed Harvester – Key functions & features in the design of an efficient machine

“The rotary brush seed harvester has virtually become the norm in technology when harvesting the floret seed of native grasses.

Its downside is its inefficiency in collecting seed often randomly dispersed by the brush, and its over zealousness in harvesting the unwanted culms (stalks).”


Seed Sowing   141_4180

Cole, I. and Waters, C.     Harvesting and sowing native grasses 

“Achievement of successful sowing methods will not necessarily be an easy task as seedlings of many Australian native grasses grow and develop relatively slowly and compete poorly against both grassy and broadleaf weeds. To be successful it will be necessary to plan ahead and develop management strategies for pre-sowing, and post sowing stages. These are the challenges that need to be overcome in order that native grasses are successfully utilised in this country.”



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