S.A. Biodiversity Patches Ensure the Survival of Groundcover Plants in the Hills

04 Oct

From Greening Australia’s Grassy Groundcover Gazette, January, 2014. Reprinted with permission.

In the last edition of South Australia’s magazine The Green Australian, we highlighted the GGRP in Victoria (Ed: see previous article) for setting a benchmark in the revegetation of degraded landscapes. Using the Grassy Groundcover Restoration Project’s award-winning and ground-breaking techniques, SA Water has commenced their own project with the support of the GA’s South Australian nursery.

The S.A. Biodiversity Patches project focuses on establishing 55 colonies of understorey species within the SA Water Clarendon revegetation site. The site will ultimately contain a richness of species diversity that is not seen in previous revegetation sites, thus ensuring the continued survival of understorey and groundcover communities of the Adelaide Hills. Revegetation projects in cleared agricultural lands have traditionally focused on the establishment of only trees and shrubs, so largely avoiding the difficult task of establishing grass and herbaceous plants.

“…the colonies will provide an adequate seed source for the recruitment of understorey species. Species have been selected to ensure that there will be full representation of ‘plant trait groups’, so as to enable the new vegetation system to emulate the ecological function of remnant vegetation communities”, SA Water’s Shaun Kennedy said.

Seedling production is currently underway at the Greening Australia Nursery in Pasadena. The techniques used will secure supplies of high quality seed from a broad range of herbaceous species. Planting is scheduled to commence this month (Ed: January 2014?)

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